Sam Blythe

Push to achieve.

Sam has a well established background in the sport of indoor rowing both as a performer, competitor and coach. Earlier this year he took steps to expand the rowing side of his personal training business and Fitness Matters Indoor Rowing was founded. He currently now offers a wide range of services which include training and coaching (both 1:1 and virtually), operating a growing number of social media communities, as well as Captaincy of the FM Indoor Rowing Team, and hosting 2 increasingly popular events on the race calendar.

Increasingly recognised for his consistent results and relentless attitude to training, Sam’s blog will cover a range of topics including his own experiences along with his mental and physical approach to reaching his targets. Take a look at his biography here Follow Sam’s rowing journey on Instagram @samblythe and Twitter @FMPTExeter

Building Training Momentum

It has been a while since I have written anything meaningful down in a full blog, and as I look back now it has been a pretty rough 2 or 3 years in terms of rowing performance since I was peaking in 2016. This is of course all relative, but for a good few years […]

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Wattbike Vs BikeErg

I have been injured for the last 9-12 months or so to the point where I had to find an alternative means of testing and pushing myself as I’ve been unable to use the rowing machine. For the most part that has come in the form of the Wattbike (WB), an indoor static bike, and […]

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Setting new goals…

Creating a monster. With my enforced hiatus from indoor rowing set to continue for a while yet, I found myself in danger of becoming frustrated and losing my way a bit so I needed a new focus until I could make a sensible return to rowing. Whilst all my main goals ultimately remain erg related […]

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Training and Injury

Dealing with injury. There are many things that motivate me to write my next blog and at times it isn’t always following a positive experience. I think the clue is within the title here and I’m hoping I am able to turn a frustrating situation into a positive. As is the case with any athlete, […]

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Weight training for indoor rowing

Weight training for indoor rowing   I am very often asked about weight training and its effectiveness for improving indoor rowing times. To answer this correctly, in my opinion, I need to know more about the individual asking the question as it is rarely a one size fits all scenario. It is a really grey […]

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Head, Heart and Gut.

Most decisions we make are a combination , sub consciously or consciously, of head, heart and gut. Well it seems I’ve had a weekend long battle with these three. I have trained very well this week. It has been very hard, but I have hit some very good numbers. However, of late I have not […]

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Mental Toughness

Mental Toughness for Rowing Performance. ‘It’s OK for you, you are mentally strong’. ‘It’s OK for you, you are good at rowing – you love it’! I have heard people say these things to me on many occasions. Whether they are true or not is a different story, but what is certainly true is that […]

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Keep Going at Rowing…Sam’s 5 Top Tips

I was recently asked my opinion on the very general topic of ‘Top Tips’ for rowing. Rather than focus on issues related to the use of the machine or technique, I instead focussed on a lifestyle approach to answering the very pertinent question ‘What are the things that are going to contribute to motivation, progress […]

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Margins, expectations and perspective.

I actually wrote some of this short blog in reverse as I started to get some clarity on a very mixed morning. I am not sure what purpose it will serve other than knowing that on this occasion it’s intended to make me feel better! I’ve had a great weeks training. Hard but good, and although […]

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Where is Your Comfort Zone?

Obviously there are multiple answers to this question, but most of you reading this will relate to it in a training capacity. Sessions we’re familiar with or find easier to complete are definitely in our ‘comfort zone’, whereas those we find physically or mentally demanding are clearly outside it. From my own perspective I’m learning […]

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