Sam Blythe

Push to achieve.

Sam has a well established background in the sport of indoor rowing both as a performer, competitor and coach. Earlier this year he took steps to expand the rowing side of his personal training business and Fitness Matters Indoor Rowing was founded. He currently now offers a wide range of services which include training and coaching (both 1:1 and virtually), operating a growing number of social media communities, as well as Captaincy of the FM Indoor Rowing Team, and hosting 2 increasingly popular events on the race calendar.

Increasingly recognised for his consistent results and relentless attitude to training, Sam’s blog will cover a range of topics including his own experiences along with his mental and physical approach to reaching his targets. Take a look at his biography here Follow Sam’s rowing journey on Instagram @samblythe and Twitter @FMPTExeter

What’s Your Goal?

I’ve spent time this week reflecting on conversations I’ve had with several clients about motivation for training. Mainly from the perspective of how to approach things when motivation feels as if it’s lacking. It’s apparent that a lot of people start to become quite self critical and intolerant when motivation is harder to come by […]

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The Importance of Accurate Stroke Rate

I have had several questions recently about how to control stroke rate and the importance of accuracy. In my training, and the plans I write, many of my (longer) sessions are controlled by stroke rate and pace targets in an attempt to make every metre rowed a productive one. I’m aiming for a consistent stroke […]

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Our City Regatta Journey to the Guildhall

Our journey to the City Regatta final at the Guildhall in London started about 3 months ago when I asked 3 other guys to join me in an invitational 4-man team to race others over 1000m. Graham Benton, Dave Marshall, Dan Stanley and I formed, on paper, what looked like a pretty solid crew. This […]

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Catching a wave….

I have always said training goes in waves. When you are on a wave everything is going well, you feel motivated and feel you are making progress. Hitting your daily targets seems routine and you look forward to the next session. The other side of the coin feels more like treading water. Effort levels are […]

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Coaching and Performing.

All of my adult life, in fact most of my life, I have competed. As a young lad playing local and representative football, through my school years playing every sport going, leaving school and having a pro career in rugby, and now competing in indoor rowing. At no point in that timeline when I thought […]

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How Important is a Training Plan?

How important is a training plan? In short, it really depends on whereabouts in your rowing or exercise journey you are at. The further along you are, the more important it becomes for a few reasons.  I have trained for lots of different events in my life, most recently they have almost exclusively been indoor […]

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