Written by British Champion Sam Blythe

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Suitable for all ages and abilities, our plan offers pre planned workouts, pace guidance and coaching input in a mutually supportive group environment. According to the feedback we’ve gained this set up reinforces structure, accountability, variance, and consistency in training whilst also helping participants build confidence and stay motivated. To date, the progress individuals have made has been astounding. The package we’ve developed has been enough to sustain a level of interest and commitment to training at a level we could not have imagined when the initial pilot took place earlier this year. The Plan itself has been developed to support those who row in pursuit of general health and fitness goals as well as those who have an interest in performance enhancement and competition. We have devised a ‘one size fits all’ formula which consistently delivers results regardless of your current fitness level.

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Cancellation policy: You can cancel your subscription at any time, via your PayPal account. Fitness Matters do not have the ability to do this and it is your sole responsibility. Refunds will not be given.

By joining the plan you also agree not to use plan content to coach other individuals

Client Feedback

Here's what clients said about our previous programmes

I did the Fitness Matters starter plan as I was lacking direction. In the four weeks I have loved every part of it. The sessions are tough enough to push you beyond your limits but rewarding enough to give you the rowing bug! I've felt confident to take on and beat my targets and my technique, pacing, and speed has improved no end. Loved being part of this friendly, supportive group and will continue on the next training plan to improve even further. Thanks guys!!! X
Loved the starter plan, especially the feedback from Sam. One thing that I would cover in this plan that was not mentioned was how to approach a 2k row. I would love to learn more about how to approach the 2k, and even a race plan. Overall a great plan, and would definitely recommend to others.
I was looking for something in my training... Structure, direction. To challenge and improve myself physically, mentally and to go on a journey. I wanted to lose weight. I wanted to be Sub7. Hell, I wanted it all. The 8 Week Off Season Plan offered the perfect platform to achieve all of that and more. They say that you should never underestimate the power of a group of people with shared goals - it's true. The support and expertise that comes from both the coaching team and other participants is invaluable.
Sam creates an environment for success, he promotes a culture of continual improvement and turns your focus on training into that journey. Sure you'll have to put in hard metres, but nothing comes for free. 8 weeks on and I've smashed 15 seconds off my 2km time, lost another stack of weight and improved my discipline/control in rowing terms taking my ability to a whole new level, way beyond my expectations... If you are serious about getting into indoor rowing, you want to improve your fitness or you just wanted to be part of a group of like-minded people all striving for improvement - the team at Fitness Matters should be your first choice training partner
I've never been as motivated to row and train hard since joining fitness matters. It's a brilliant team and I'd have no hesitation in recommending Sam's programmes to take you onto the next level regardless of your ability. Looking forward to the next plan already........
This is my second program with Fitness Matters, and just like clockwork, my second set of PRs in 2016. I couldn't be happier with the progress I'm seeing on the erg. The sessions are well-designed, interesting, and, dare I say, even fun (on occasion). As soon as I put the handle down on my first 6:30 2K and caught my breath, I already started looking forward to the next program and more progress. Thanks to Sam, Victoria, Chris, and the whole Fitness Matters team for inspiring me, encouraging me, and holding me accountable for every session! Patrick
This was my first online indoor rowing program and I loved it! With the help of Sam and his team, after completing the 6 week program I improved my 2K time by over 13 seconds. Whether you are a beginning recreational rower, a World Champion, or somewhere in between, this indoor rowing plan will challenge you enough to improve your current fitness level and help you achieve your personal goals, as long as you are willing to put in the work. Since the workouts are tailored to each athlete's current rowing ability, you can work towards your personal goals while still being a part of the team. The Facebook forums are encouraging, supportive and often times, comical. You can't put a price on the free advice and encouragement you get from some of the best indoor rowers in the world.
Plan worked well for me. The weekly spreadsheet format allowed me to complete the sessions on my schedule and at my appropriate pacing. Loved the feedback from everyone. It provided the information I needed as a newbie. I didn't have any issues and have no recommendations. Great program!
Excellent. You have a very good training plan, the right amount of work load, quality, 'the gearing principle'.... And you have to do it, because you have to take note and post every session, view sessions from other members, give and receive support, ask Sam when you have a doubt, speak with other members, and plus plus plus ...
Nothing but positives for this plan. I am a relative novice to indoor rowing having dabbled a bit during my rugby career.
The plan has been great. I think the fact that you have so many people it allows you to find your level. Then make sure you stay with the people who are at your level. Maybe even pass them.
The 6 week plan has been a fantastic experience,it is well thought out and has brought together a plethora of people, from different backgrounds with 1 common aim, to improve their rowing. With Sam's inspirational approach and his methods I would say there has been a 100% success rate for those who complete the programme,he practises what he preaches and has done every single workout and shared his results with the rest of us. The plan does what it says on the tin,and you cannot ask for more than that highly recommended for all abilities!


This plan has been proven to enhance performance across a range of ranked distances due to the unique combination of endurance, speed and power based sessions that comprise a typical FM weekly training plan schedule. The timetable is very much informed by the UK indoor rowing race calendar, but if you have a specific request to train for a particular distance for a time limited period we will be able to help incorporate this into your weekly training.

If your goals change, feel free to adapt your plan accordingly. You have the flexibility to decide whether to engage in more or less training.

The plan will provide 5 sessions a week. It is entirely up to you how many sessions you undertake. As with anything, the more consistently you train towards a goal, the more likely you are to achieve it.

The pace guides are there for a reason. They are central to the concept of ‘gearing’. All sessions will indicate a specific guide in terms of pace based on an initial 2k time. If in doubt stick to the guide. The guide is designed to prevent you overloading your stroke at low rate AND substituting power with speed at higher rates. Both of which are habits that if formed over time are likely to weaken your stroke profile and affect your technique, efficiency and ultimately performance.

This plan is designed as a rolling programme, and not every session needs to be completed. If for a time your circumstances or priorities change then feel free to withdraw and rejoin at a later date should you so wish. You will not be charged for the period that you withdraw from participation.

As with all previous plans feel free to add additional cross training sessions as you so wish. Be aware however if you’re looking to improve your rowing performance…then it’s rowing you need to be doing most of!

We offer a range of training options at Fitness Matters: Our group plan offers sessions with individual coaching input aimed specifically at improving gearing and performance across a wider range of distances. This is offered within a social media group setting where participants benefit from the motivation and support offered by others completing the same programme. The session content is also informed by forthcoming events on the race calendar (£23.50 a month).

If you’re looking for individual coaching without group support then our bespoke service offers you tailored sessions with our resident Performance Coach and former Olympian Axel Dickinson. Bespoke training provides the option of focussing on a specific goal taking into account your individual circumstances more closely (Please contact for further information).