Devon Indoor Rowing Championships 2021


The Devon Indoor Rowing Championships is an annual event organised and supported by Fitness Matters. Entrants of all ages and abilities are invited to enter. This year we will be running our event virtually. Full details will follow shortly and....

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Last year's medal categories were as follows -

MHWT U40, MHWT 40-49, MHWT 50-59, MHWT O60, MLWT U60, MLWT O60.



Last year's medal categories were as follows -

MHWT U40, MHWT 40-49, MHWT 50-59, MHWT O60, MLWT U60, MLWT O60.


Kids events

4 minutes - years 7 - 11

2 minutes - years 6 and below

How does it work?

This year is a virtual indoor rowing race/event, open to all ages and abilities. We will be using the ErgRace app which is available on both Android and iOS. This does mean that you will need a PM5 to enter as this has the bluetooth function required. You will also need to make sure you have the latest firmware installed on the PM5 and a stable internet connections as races will be live.

The weblink for more information is here.

Participants row the 5000m/1000m/4 minutes/2 minutes at a location convenient to you.  Please keep screenshots for verification, along with proof of weight if applicable.

Results are grouped in age group and weight categories, however, medals will be awarded in age categories (to be confirmed) for the winners. All entrants who submit  a 5km/1km/4 mins/2 mins time will be entered into our prize draw. Prizes to be announced.

Can I cheat ?

Er No. This is an honour system so cheats can't enter.*

*No heavyweights entering as lightweights. No third parties to row for them. No tandems. No towels over the cage. And definitely no performance enhancing drugs. Do the right thing, why wouldn't you?

When is it ?

Date : October 9th 2021

Where is it ?

Location: The comfort of your own home, gym or rowing club.

How do I enter and pay ?

You have two options: you can transfer your entrance fee directly to Fitness Matters Ltd. When payment is live, make sure you complete the form below though so we can match your bank payment with your entry. OR, you can pay via online card payment/Paypal (there will be a small transaction fee to cover the cost of using this method to cover our charge). Both options are at the bottom of this page.

Other details: For any other details regarding the event, or advice and support in training for either distance please email

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List of Entrants

Pierre Clement
Ben Boehm
James Wild
Ben Jago
Ben Jenkins
Kate Baker
Joanne Blundell
Joe White
Rob Phillips
Christina Georghiou
Rory L Robertson
Rory Robertson
Martin Mario Jelani
Shannon Ward
Jeremy Webb
Rachel Vague
Anthony Ward
Piia Autonen-Laakso
Anthony Downes
Laura Ghioldi
Tako Lootsma
Brendan McAuley
Frederick Hancock
Maria Imas
Mandy Turner
Karis Frost
Simon Frost
Stephen Gamma
Paul Gissen
Kate Bruck
Jim McCarthy
Chris Power
Jill McIntyre
Matthew West
Peter Johnson
Matthew Tilt
Ailsa mason
Jan Tanti
Claudia Vicars
Pat Seale


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