Our performance coach offers a range of services depending on your personal preference. We are able to accommodate:

  • Online group training (Indoor Rowing) For more information on Fitness Matters group plan which offers individual coaching as part of the package, please visit Fitness Matters Indoor Rowing Plan .
  • Online individual bespoke plans Offered by Sam, who will work in collaboration with you to design a training plan specific to your rowing/fitness goals. These will be delivered to you on a weekly basis allowing you to plan your training schedule in advance. Coaching feedback will then be given on a sessional basis in order that he may expertly guide you through the week. The cost of this can reduced if also having regular 1-2-1 live coaching. Please ask for details.
  • 1-2-1 rowing coaching in person.
  • Virtual 1-2-1 coaching via Zoom and/or WhatsApp/Messenger video call. In this case we have an app connected to be able to see your live data as well as the camera shot.

How our Virtual Coaching Service Worksimg_6794

Operated via Zoom and/or WhatsApp/Messenger video call (video below). All are free online providers of video and audio calls. Fitness Matters is able to offer a range of coaching services with Sam Blythe

All that’s needed is the ability to access Zoom and/or WhatsApp/Messenger. The greater the flexibility of your set up the greater the range of services you can benefit from. We are able to talk you through what’s required for you to get the most out of your session prior to your appointment. Ideally you will have a tablet/phone/laptop in a position that allows your full range of motion to be viewed whilst rowing (this can either be an inbuilt or external webcam).

Virtual coaching sessions offer the option to have:

  • Face to face consultations or queries related to technique, training plans and goals.
  • Technique coaching sessions.
  • Virtual coxing for ranking pieces/time trials/races.
  • Motivational training sessions.
  • Race preparation sessions.
  • Real time rowing alongside Sam who shares your live session data

Tech Requirements Guide

Download tech requirements guide here


The Cost

  • Initial 30/60 minute 1:1 session with Sam £45/£75. This includes all set up prior to the session.
  • Subsequent Pre booked one off 30/60 minute 1:1 sessions with Sam £40/£65.
  • Regular (1 or more per week) follow up 30/60 minute 1:1 sessions with Sam £35/£60
  • Share the cost and exercise with a partner for £80 per session (for 2 people, it is recommended in most circumstances that prior initial sessions are individual).

Please sign up via the link and Sam will be in touch within 24 hours to arrange an appointment.



Virtual Training, the right way!

If you are stuck at home and missing a training partner, or simply want the convenience of world-class training from your own space, then check out Sam’s virtual training.

Powered by the data from your fitness machines, Sam is able to give you live advice to improve your technique, get stronger, faster, fitter!

It’s more than just a video call.


“After an 8 year break from indoor rowing, the lure of the Concept 2 finally became too great and an attempt at the Individual 100K World Record suddenly became my goal!

Achievement of this goal requires significant sports specific knowledge and expertly designed training plans and it is for this reason that I contacted Sam Blythe, British Indoor Rowing Champion, who agreed to take on the challenge with me from a coaching perspective.

Whilst I have so far only been training with Sam for a short time, the bespoke virtual coaching model that he offers is truly proving to be absolutely 5 star in both content and delivery! Bespoke training plan, regular constructive feedback, highly motivational and inspirational coach….it’s all there! Even in this short space of time, I have benefited from significant gains in both my general and sports specific fitness.

Having totally surpassed all expectations I had of a bespoke virtual coaching plan, I would actively encourage others, regardless of fitness goal, to give it a go!”