Former Exeter Chiefs Captain

Fitness Matters Ltd Owner

Fitness Matters Indoor Rowing Founder and Performance Coach

Based in Exeter, Fitness Matters was founded by Personal Trainer Sam Blythe, a former professional rugby player with the Exeter Chiefs. The company operates a completely private, one-to-one personal training studio which also include a unique provision for indoor rowing.

Sam has a well established background in the sport of indoor rowing both as a performer, competitor and coach. He is one of a small group of non rowers to break the magical 6 minute barrier for a 2km, and at less than 5’10 in height, one of only a few to achieve that feat at under 6 foot tall.

In 2015 Sam took steps to expand the rowing side of his personal training business and Fitness Matters Indoor Rowing was founded. He currently now offers a wide range of services which include training and coaching (both 1:1 and virtually), operating a growing number of social media communities, as well as Captaincy of the FM Indoor Rowing Team, and hosting an increasingly popular 5km event on the race calendar.

A sporting CV’s go Sam’s is pretty lengthy, but specific to indoor rowing his achievements include:

  • British Indoor Rowing Champion 2015 (30-39 HWT)
  • English Indoor Rowing Champion 2015 (Open HWT) 2017 (40-49 HWT)
  • Welsh Indoor Rowing Champion 2015 (Open HWT) 2018 (40-49 HWT)
  • Scottish Indoor Rowing Champion 2018 (40-49 HWT)
  • World Indoor Rowing Silver Medal 2017 (40-49 HWT)
  • British Record Holder 10,000m (30-39 HWT)

Keep up-to-date with Sam’s training and thoughts on all things rowing via Instagram @samblythe, Twitter @FMPTExeter and his blog

Personal Bests:

Distance Date Time Pace
500 25.12.13 1.19.3 1.19.3
1000 09.04.16 2.49.6 1.24.8
2000 05.12.15 5.59.8 1.29.9
5000 19.12.15 15.59.8 1.35.9
6000 09.1.16 19.34.6 1.37.8
9117 12.11.16 30m 1.38.7
10000 15.3.14 32.57.2 1.38.8
17768 19.4.14 60m 1.41.3
21097 30.4.16 1hr.12m.37.5s 1.43.2
42195 26.4.14 2hr29m20.0s 1.46.1