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Rowdy is a verified C2 trainer having completed his indoor rowing instructors certification (via UCanRow2). He is also a Level 1 Crossfit Trainer and has been involved with the sport for 3 years, offering rowing and endurance classes at his Crossfit box in Texas. He has competed at the 2015 Super Regional and 2016 South Regional with his Crossfit Waco team.

Rowdy joined Fitness Matters Indoor Rowing originally as a member of our online team. He then subsequently signed up to our training and coaching plans with Sam Blythe. He has now recently joined Fitness Matters Indoor Rowing to undertake the role of MetCon Rowing Coach with the aim of offering training and coaching specifically designed for Crossfitters interested in developing their rowing skill and performance.

Rowdy has had a lifelong passion for sport having completed a number of triathlons, marathons, ultra marathons, trail running and cycling events prior to his involvement with Crossfit.

For further details on Fitness Matters MetCon Rowing please visit our dedicated MetCon Rowing page and submit an enquiry.