rowing-boot-camp-crossfit-palm-beachOur MetCon Rowing Plan is specifically designed for individuals with a Crossfit background or for those interested in Metabolic Conditioning as a method of training generally.  Although the term doesn’t define a specific type of workout, MetCon sessions are intentionally designed to target the two major energy systems (ATP/ Glycosis) that are utilised during training via exercises designed to have a high calorie burn rate both during and after your workout. MetCon is well known for it’s focus on pushing the body to it’s limits which athletes achieve by engaging in whole body movements with a very short work to rest ratio making gains in both cardiovascular/respiratory capacity and functional strength. This type of training has also been found to have a positive impact on endurance without specific endurance training.

In view all of the above it’s easy see how rowing machine workouts have become a central feature of CrossFit WOD’s. Having said all this, to some extent rowing and its benefits have been overlooked by this population.  Now that there’s an apparent shift from a focus on lifting and grinding out workouts to WOD’s such as Murph or Double DT which require more thought and skill with regard to pacing, our expansion into the metabolic conditioning arena seems timely. Rowing Annie

Our Fitness Matters MetCon Plan involves completing 5 sessions a week divided into 3-4 shorter interval workouts and 1-2 volume pieces. Each session will be paced off a ‘best effort’  2k row (a mandatory requirement of joining the plan). On average sessions will be approximately 30 minutes in length and will be specifically geared towards CrossFit WOD’s

Your subscription will entitle you to exclusive membership of our Fitness Matters MetCon Rowing group on Facebook where you will receive individual coaching feedback for every session you post from our MetCon Rowing Coach Rowdy Hurst . You will also benefit from the motivation and encouragement generated by others in pursuit of the same goals.

Sign up today via the payment link. We can’t wait to have you on board!